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Public Safety Briefs

By By Alexi Knock, Assistant News Editor

On Oct. 6, Public Safety responded to three suspicious males in a car on the Swim Center Roadway. The three were identified as non students who had no reason to be on campus. A check with the DMV found the license plates of the cars to be suspended, Nassau Police responded but no arrests were made.

A student reported to Public Safety that the catalytic converter was stolen from his car parked in the Nassau Hall parking lot on Oct. 7. The NCPD was contacted and prepared a report.

On Oct. 8, a PSO responded to a room in Williamsburg House that smelled of cigarettes.  Two students and two non students were found in the room with a bottle of alcohol. The alcohol was confiscated and the two non students were banned. Since the two students were underage, they were issued a summons.

A PSO observed a student kicking side view mirrors off cars in a North Campus parking lot on Oct. 9. A male student and a female student were taken to the Public Safety Office where the male admitted to kicking all the mirrors. NCPD made a complaint report and the male student was issued an appearance summons for vandalism.

A PSO at the Oak Street security booth observed five males on the roof of Netherlands Hall on Oct. 10. A PSO responded and discovered four of the males were non students and one was a student. The non students were banned from campus and the student was issued an appearance summons.

On Oct. 10, a student in the Hillel Club stated that during a meeting the club's treasurer started abusing others at the meeting. A PSO responded and issued the male a summons for harassment.

A PSO on patrol in the Netherlands residence halls observed a student smoking marijuana on Oct. 11. A bong was found on the ground and was confiscated. The student was issued a summons.

While conducting rounds, two RAs observed three males students rolling marijuana cigarettes in the lounge of their room in Nassau Hall on Oct. 11. A PSO responded, the marijuana cigarette was confiscated and the three males were issued an appearance summons.


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