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Public Safety Briefs

By Jessica Lewis, News Editor

While conducting a Health and Safety Inspection in Nassau Hall on Oct. 13, a makeshift pipe made from a toilet paper roll and a sheet of fabric softener used for smoking marijuana was found. The paraphernalia was confiscated and the resident of the room was given an appearance summons.


Ajax, a powdered cleaner, was found thrown around the lounge and kitchen of the 13th floor in Constitution Hall by a custodial supervisor on Oct. 14. A search was conducted for those responsible, and the Plant Department cleaned it up. No one was issued an appearance summons.


While conducting rounds in Stuyvesant Hall on Oct. 14, an RA smelled the odor of marijuana coming from a room. Public Safety responded and entered the room; they found the resident along with two glass pipes with marijuana residue. The pipes were confiscated and the student was given an appearance summons.


On Oct. 15, while doing Health and Safety Inspections, a Residential Life staff member found a paper towel holder converted into a marijuana pipe, and a marijuana grinder. The drug paraphernalia was confiscated and the resident of the room was given an appearance summons.


Four non-students were reported smoking marijuana on the academic side outside of the Unispan on Oct. 16. Public Safety responded, took the non-students to the HIC where they were then banned from campus.


A student was spotted sitting on top of the lion statue on Oak Street and Hempstead Turnpike by a PSO on Oct. 16. The student was apprehended and given an appearance summons.


A resident of the Hague House reported to Public Safety, on Oct. 17, that a male guest had urinated on the floor of their room and when the guest was asked to leave he refused. Public Safety responded took the guest to the HIC where he was then banned from campus.


Public Safety received a report that there was a fire in the dumpster on Oct. 17 near the Colonial Square Far East booth. Public Safety, along with the Uniondale Fire Department, responded and extinguished the fire. There was no property damage.

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