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Public Safety Briefs

By Jessica Lewis, News Editor

Three students were found smoking marijuana in a car parked in parking field 6, near Enterprise Hall on Nov. 10 by a PSO on patrol. The students were given appearance summonses.

Public Safety was notified that the residents of a room in Utrecht House were involved in a physical altercation on Nov. 10. Public Safety calmed the situation, counseling services were notified and the crisis center responded and spoke with the students. Both students received an appearance summons.

A PSO assigned to the soccer stadium on Nov. 10 apprehended a non student for jumping over the fence and attempting to enter without paying. The non student was taken to the HIC and banned from campus.

A Lackmann manager in Bits ‘n' Bytes stated that on Nov. 11 she stopped a student who was stealing a burger and a salad, which he had placed underneath his coat. Public Safety responded and the student was given an appearance summons.

On Nov. 11, a student stated that an individual called her phone, posing as a Hempstead Police Officer. The impersonator attempted to get the information on her bank account. The individual told the student that there was suspicious activity on her account. The number he was calling from was untraceable. An investigation is being conducted.

A student was escorted by Public Safety from the roof of Hofstra Hall on Nov. 12. She was taken to the HIC and given an appearance summons.

On Nov. 12, Public Safety was closing the library and found a non student who refused to exit the library. She was taken to the HIC and banned from campus.

Public Safety received a call on Nov. 11, that there was a loud verbal dispute in a room in Suffolk Hall. When Public Safety arrived, they found suitemates engaged in an argument. The situation was calmed, and the students were all given a summons.

On Nov. 13, at the Hofstra basketball game, Public Safety responded to a student in the crowd that was acting in a disorderly manner and being verbally abusive. Public Safety removed the student from the arena and he was given an appearance summons.

While on patrol, a PSO observed an individual urinating in the Belmont Place parking lot, on Nov. 13. The individual was taken to the HIC, identified as a non student, and banned from campus.

The plant department electrician responded to Salem House on a report of a power outage on Nov. 13. Upon arrival, he found that the door to the electrical cabinet was vandalized and the circuit breaks were turned off. The lights were turned back on, and there was no further incident.

A student was seen intoxicated and urinating in front of Estabrook Hall by Public Safety on Nov. 14. The student was given an appearance summons.

A student that was visiting a friend in the Amsterdam house on Nov. 17 was in the lounge of a dorm room. The suitemate came out of the other room, slapped the student, and ripped his shirt for no apparent reason. The student who slapped the other student was given an appearance summons for harassment.

(Sean M. Gates/The Chronicle)

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