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Public Safety Briefs, January 29 - February 1

By Jessica Lewis, Assistant News Editor

When a student returned to campus after the winter recess, she reported that when her roommate moved out, she had taken two baskets of clothes with her that did not belong to her.

On January 29, while doing health and safety inspections Public Safety found drug paraphernalia and marijuana residue. The items were confiscated and the students occupying the room were given summonses.

While doing rounds in Vander Poel Residence Hall, a resident assistant reported the smell of marijuana coming from a room on the 5th floor. When Public Safety responded and questioned the occupants of the room, the students admitted to smoking marijuana and surrendered a plastic bag with marijuana residue. The students were given summonses.

On January 30, a Public Safety Officer reported that he saw four people climbing over the North Entrance Gate on Oak Street. The people were stopped, identified as students and given summonses.

A Resident Assistant in Estabrook reported to Public Safety that there was a group of disorderly males on the 9th floor, on January 30. When Public Safety responded, all the males, except two students, left. When confronted the two males refused to leave and became disorderedly. Both students were given summonses.

A resident assistant in Nassau Hall reported that she smelt the odor of marijuana coming out of a room. Public Safety responded and found a student sitting on the bed with a marijuana pipe and a bottle of whiskey. The student was given a summons.

(Sean M. Gates/The Chronicle)

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