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PRestige holds anniversary celebration

By Domenic Varuzza, Staff Writer

PRestige was created by the University's chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA). It was established in the fall of 2008 and provides free public relations campaigns for both on-campus clients, such as many of the student clubs and organizations the University offers, as well as off-campus organizations.

PRestige Agency was created to give the PRSSA a more professional edge and allow public relations majors to gain hands-on experience. PRestige extends their efforts beyond the campus by also providing free campaigns to clients such as Wiggio and Hugs Across America. Brie Henry, a senior, the director of the PRestige Agency said that the agency is a great way to gain experience and begin building a portfolio for Public Relations majors. Henry stressed the importance for building a resume when the time comes to apply for positions in the public relations field. She also said that PRestige is an effective way for all public relations majors to apply what they learn in class in a professional aspect. 

Between the fall of last year and now, PRestige has had several successful campaigns that took place both on and off campus, some of which still continue. In the fall of 2008, PRestige prepared a press kit for Hugs Across America, which has sent over 300,000 bears to children across the United States. On campus, PRestige provided free campaigns for both Sigma' Cappella and the Hofstra Music Fest in 2008. They created a detailed media and publicity program that detailed how to interact with media on campus and in the community. 

Professor Victoria Geyer is the faculty advisor to both the PRSSA and PRestige. Professor Geyer said that the agency has grown and faced challenges since its creation, but has proven important to public relations students to gain hands on experience.

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