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Overheard @ Hofstra

By Compiled by The Chronicle Staff

In Enterprise Hall:

Girl #1: ...but four pregnancy tests can't be wrong!

Girl #2: I don't know... did your diet change?

In the Student Center:

Guy #1: What are you talking about? Rock isn't a real person.

Guy #2: Yes he is! He ended the Cold War!

In Salem House:

Guy #1: So I hooked up with Michelle last night.

Guy #2: Oh! You mean Michelle [last name]! I hooked up with her last year.

Guy #1: So she's like the village bicycle?

Guy #2: If the village was a vibrating seat, yeah.

In Dempster Hall:

Girl #1: I've been doing so good with my diet!

Girl #2: Good for you!

Girl #1: Yeah, I haven't been drinking liquids...only water!

In Student Center:

Lackmann Employee: That's cheese. I asked for tiny pumpkins.


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