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Overheard @ Hofstra

By The Chronicle Staff

In the Student Center

Girl: I'm just trying to get my dick wet.

At a Party

Guy: I drank 4Loko and for all I know I killed five people and f—ked like 20 girls.

In the Nethcore

Guy: We have to stay for this band. They have three keytars. F—king keytars dude!

Inside Au Bon Pain

Girl 1: Hofstra is so boring.

Girl 2: Tell me about it. The last crazy thing to happen was that girl who cried rape.

Inside Bits and Bytes

Girl: Okay, okay! Just keep having sex until I get there.

In the Student Center

Girl 1: Was there poop in it?

Girl 2: No.

Girl 1: Then it wasn't mine.

In the Student Center

Girl: I really want to get in the Overheards this week so I'm just gonna start yelling random nonsense in the Student Center.


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