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Overheard @ Hofstra

By Chronicle Staff

Inside Au Bon Pain

Girl: I'm gonna be in the library all day.

Girl: Yeah me too.

Girl: That reminds me, we need a connect for adderall this year.

Inside Bits and Bytes

Girl: I told her the easiest way to pass that class is to visit him during his offices hours.

Girl: *laughs* You're such a whore.

On the Unispan

Guy: This whole campus is trying to score for Girl Talk.

Guy: I know. I'm making bank!

Outside Cafe on the Quad

Girl: We're gonna need to take two cars because Erica is gonna be sooo drunk.

In Enterprise Hall

Guy: "Join the Conversation"... what the f--k is that?

Girl: It's this anti cheating thing.

Guy: Do we have a cheating problem?

Girl: I guess. Everyone does it, and no one cares.

Inside Au Bon Pain

Girl: She is not shy of her body at all, and it bothers me because she should be.

Inside Bits and Bytes

Guy: On a scale of one to buffalo chicken pizza, how hot is she?

Guy: Cold buffalo chicken pizza.

In the Student Center:

Girl: Mary, oh my god, I think I'm pregnant.

Girl: [Pauses] Do you want me to hit you in the stomach or something?

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