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Overheard @ Hofstra

By The Chronicle Staff

In the Student Center

Girl: You're walkin' too fast. How you gonna protect me from people?

In the Student Center

Guy: That kid lives on my floor, he's a wizard.

In Class

Professor: I don't have your paper.

Guy: No, that's my paper. I'm [student's name].

Professor: Are you sure?

In Class

Guy: Yeah she assigned something, but I was sleeping so I missed it.

Girl: Are you talking about the midterm?

In Enterprise Hall

Guy: These bathrooms are disgusting. I found a condom in a stall and it wasn't even mine.

In Au Bon Pain

Girl 1: I love this place. I eat here everyday.

Girl 2: You're gonna get huge.

Girl 1: Not if I eat the soup.

Girl 2: No, I'm pretty sure there's bread in that soup.


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