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Over Tweeted at Hofstra

By The Chronicle Staff

With social media becoming so popular, we here at the Chronicle decided to do a twitter search for "Hofstra." This is, verbatim, what we found:

-Just realized I still have a scar from jumping a fence at Hofstra back in September. I was not 19. Or in school.

-Yoo my white hofstra neighborsz throwin snowballsz at dere own house -_- den sum1 opened da door nd dey threw it inside da house smfhh -_-

-Dear Hofstra University, Please be cancelled tomorrow. K thanks! Sincerely, S!

-Watching bad girls club on youtube since hofstra don't got oxygen lol

-Just got a message that WRHU is having a snowball fight versus The Chronicle at Hofstra at 1:00 today. Sounds like fun!

-I kno everybody at hofstra is hungover right now ... thank god i can hold my liqour lol

-PEOPLE OF HOFSTRA: I am told that your soup of the day today is Chicken Gumbo. Do NOT mess this up.

-I wish UVM was as scared of snow as Hofstra evidently is. I really don't want classes... ever haha :)

-Hahah you like that hofstra guy crushin the market and jaggerbombs, work hard party hard, I look at my account its six figs

-... thnx 2 hofstra i can hold my liquor very well lol

-Damn I'm missin bad grls club cuz bum as Hofstra don't got oxygen...smfh

- Not to be a dick but I honestly look around campus and wonder how some of these kids got into Hofstra

-I've never heard of Hofstra University. How did they get my email address?? Oh, the woes of being a junior...

-Snow Fights at Hofstra used to be poppin...

-You ‘d be lucky if you squeeze a nickle out of hofstra's cheap behind!

-ahh thats wack..i would go 2 Hofstra cuz its like a 15 20 min drive away..but the tuition is bannanas

-Dude I don't even know how twitter works so sorry if I'm doing it wrong but I got into Hofstra Law.

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