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New club creates awareness of human trafficking

By Alanna Garone, Staff Writer

Not For Sale is an international organization with a goal of ending slavery and all of the harmful acts associated with it, such as drug and sex trade.

The University's chapter plans on raising awareness about these issues because many people do not realize that human trafficking is happening everywhere.

Vice President of the Club, Stephanie Intoci, a sophomore political science major, said "It is important to let the youth of this community become more aware of human trafficking to let them know that this isn't just happening overseas, it is happening even here on Long Island."

So far this semester, Not For Sale has held multiple table events in the student center. One event was a bake sale to raise money as well as a way to get the name of the club out to the public. Another event included selling bracelets that say "Freedom to Live, Not For Sale." The bracelets were sold as admission into Bar Social on Thursday, November 19.

Senior Italian major Lauren Vigliante, founder of the University's chapter of the club and current President, said, "There are 27 million people captivated in the world today and 200,000 of them are in the U.S.  This is a deeply rooted problem and I want to involve the Hofstra community to help stop the horrible events that occur."

Not For Sale has many plans for the future. such as having a survivor of human trafficking speak to the University and show the movie "Taken" on campus.

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