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Love, Lust & Life: Non-believers still find love

By Chelsea Tirrell, Columnist

I write for those seeking guidance in their love lives and for those fully enthralled with the concept of relationships and fulfilling futures. I also write for myself – because I'm seeking love just as much as the next person. Relationships are something I know well despite my lack of experience. I want to make lives easier. Finally, and most importantly, because my days blend with the same shade of red. It's the color of love, one that some would argue is the color of bloodbaths and hate. And that's why I'm writing now – for you, the nonbelievers.

Whether it is a lapse of judgment, a fall from too high to be prevented, or failed experiences, love ceases to exist for many. But I'm here to tell you otherwise. I've been where you are: heartbroken, hopeless, and convinced that your time isn't worth looking for something that's not meant to be. Besides this, I was sad. Just sad. It wasn't until I realized why I was sad that I could accept the emotion for what it was – large and powerful.

Love is everywhere: between the birds in the tree on the quad, in the arms of your mother, within the depths of your Call of Duty game, and the list could go on. However, without your acknowledgement of it, it's just another emotion amongst the many.

But that's just the thing. Those who don't believe are unable to do so because they can't see what's right in front of them. Granted, love is often in disguise. It hides in the things that make you happy, ultimately leading you to believe that it's those actual things bringing you bliss. It's not; it's the love behind them.

Just because your love may lie within something intangible does not make it any less valuable. Everyone has to start somewhere. Eventually, these things evolve and you begin experiencing love at an entirely new level. Should it lie within something inanimate (for example, my love for love), then so be it. That's what's so beautiful about it – you're free to feel it wherever, whenever, and however you want. It's yours to coddle, believe in, and be one with.

Love is what carries you from one day to the next. You get out of bed and head to class because you love your parents and know they're working their butts off to pay for your tuition. You eat healthy and exercise because you love your body and you want to treat it right. You listen to music because you love how it hits your soul and meshes with your mood regardless of what it may be.

Would you believe something even if you couldn't see it? What if you could feel it?  Like the wind, love travels through your hair, fingers, and if you let it, your heart. Embrace it and it just may take you to great new heights.

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