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Lil Wayne's 'Rebirth' experiments with new styles

By Catherine Sodano, Staff Writer

For the past few years,  Lil Wayne has out-rhymed most other rappers in the game. He trademarked himself as "the best rapper alive." Although Wayne hit the top of the charts in year 2008 with his famed "The Carter III" album, he may have not struck gold with his most recent production, "Rebirth." "Rebirth" is the album that self-proclaimed rap genuis, Lil Wayne has aimed for a rock/edgey new sound.

The cover of the CD shows him next to an electric guitar, in which electric guitar is featured in a large majority of the songs on the CD. As a rocker, his extensive use of Auto-tune and guitars alarm some of his biggest fans, leading to some universal criticisim on Lil Wayne's new ideas. 

This album took 2 years for him to write, as he put his heart and soul into the song lyrics, as per usual. However, fans are left disgruntled with the release of this album. His true hard core rap lyrics, and provactive and popular lines and hooks are now replaced with distinct instrumentals in the background. Some are a bit befuddled as to why he is focusing intensely on the music and electro sounds of rock, when he is a writer and rapper.

I guess one can‘t cast stones at Lil Wayne for attempting to be a musical composer as well. His hit single "Drop the World" features Eminem, yes, Eminem. Some question Wayne's  motives in throwing Eminem onto that track. Eminem has been out of the rap game for a while, and all fans eyes grew wide with excitement in hearing that he was released in a new song, with lyricist genius Lil Wanyne. 

Wayne's personal struggles will land him behind bars for the next  year, as he faces the music, for possesion of illegal firearms. 

Cover of Lil Wayne's new album, "Rebirth." (Photo courtesy of

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