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Letter from the Editor

By Ryan Broderick, Editor-in-Chief

Last week the Chronicle published a piece titled "College ACB: Hofstra's anonymous bullying problem". In the piece, we used excerpts from especially heinous posts that students had been posting about each other.

Instead of a typical news piece we instead tried to make the quotes as prominent as possible. This was to shock yes, but not to be sensational. It was not meant to vilify students and we apologized for not redacting the names of students mentioned.

 It would be nice that in reporting on a vile and toxic message board that we could redact names and save people from unnecessary embarrassment and pain, but with College ACB being fair more public in terms of traffic than The Chronicle is, it's a sad reality that their mudslinging flies further than our articles about it.

We are still deeply sorry to spread rumor and heresay, it violates our very mission and it's deeply unfortunate that an editorial misstep helped cloud and confuse the very real and sad reality of what University students are doing to each other online.

We will not let it happen again.

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