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By Matt Ern, Staff Reporter defines the term "Hofstra squirt" as "When you eat Hofstra food for more than two days in a row. And at unexpected times you try to fart and it feels wet. You feel like you may have shat yourself but maybe not...Upon further inspection you realize that you squirted a little bit out of your asshole. But not enough to leave the cheeks it doesn't get on your boxers but it still sucks. Hofstra red is not real. The Hofstra Squirt is...for sure".  

Many students on campus have expressed similar concerns about the food around campus, with some complaining about the greasy nature of the food while others lament the lack of dining options. 

One student suggests that the food is "all the same stuff, but with different labels".  

When asked about the term junior Mike Polan declared, "I have the Hofstra squirts right now!"  Fearful freshman Matthew Martinez says, "I just hope it doesn't happen to me".  

Although the food continues to make some sick, many students at least enjoy the taste.  "It makes my stomach ache, but I still eat it because I like it" remarks senior Ally McGintee. 

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