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Handler's new book hits shelves with a 'bang'

By Matt Scotto, Supervising Editor

If you're an avid late-night talk show watcher, you've probably heard of Chelsea Handler. She's the sharp-tongued host of the E! network's "Chelsea Lately," a late-night talk show featuring a roundtable of comedians and actors (along with Chelsea and her vertically challenged sidekick, Chuy) talking about the daily happenings in the world of pop culture.
Along with the wildly successful show, Chelsea is also a New York Times best-selling author. With three books under her belt, she has proven herself as a strong competitor in the literary world.

Chelsea's third book, "Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang," was released on March 9, and it looks like she has another bestseller on her hands.

The memoir is a collection of personal essays, ranging from topics like masturbation as a young girl, to her father's dilapidated Martha's Vineyard summerhouse.

Growing up as a half-Jewish, half-Mormon girl in Livingston, New Jersey certainly gave Chelsea boatloads of material for her books as well as her stand-up comedy. She is the youngest of six children, so by the time she was born, her parents were "wiped out."

"Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang" introduces Chelsea's (now ex) boyfriend, Ted. Throughout the book she tells tales of pulling pranks on Ted, lying to him and begging him to purchase a dolphin for their apartment. This is a book that you may not want to read in public if you have an embarrassing laugh.

If you are a fan of Chelsea's other books, "My Horizontal Life: A Collection of One Night Stands" and "Are You There Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea," you will absolutely love "Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang." It's chock-full of hilarious quips, confessions, and a whole lot of crazy.

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