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Freshman Do's and Don'ts

By Megan Walsh, Staff Writer

By now you have probably realized the crazy fact that even food at Hofstra costs money. That's right, your tall caramel latte in the Netherlands Cafe, your gummy worms, and your dinner at Tapas all add up and quickly drain your meal card without you even knowing.

The only problem is that up until about now, you may have been like one of the many other freshman attending this university who do not pay attention to the amount of money they are spending on food and other important college supplies like a Swiffer mop, posters of Bob Marley, or DVDs like Twilight and Grown Ups.     

Those experiencing that very low balance glaring up at them from their receipt may be wondering how to fix this situation. What are the options for you?  How do you maintain a balance while still doing nightly Dutch Treats stops? I've been in Dutch Treats at 1 AM in the morning and believe me, it's crowded.  All the people there are not just stocking up on veggies and fruits (or anything that could even be considered a necessity).

You've spent mercilessly for the last couple of months you've been at this university, but it's not too late to change the habit. Go to Thanksgiving dinner with a sense of pride that yes, you could and you did balance your budget without having to take a second part time job or ask your parents for money just for you to squander on gummies. Here's how.

Make a budget and stick to it. The university has made a schedule for you to follow. It's basically the mathematical breakdown of how to spend your money so that you have enough to last the entire semester. This can be found on the Hofstra website [], while you wait in line so patiently for what seems like six hours at the CPK pick up line and other various dinning locations.

If you find that you have more money than the budget allows bravo, you were miraculously able to spend less than the suggested amount.  If not, you may have some extra planning to do.  Figure out exactly how much you want to spend each day on meals. Keep this amount in mind, and make sure you do not overspend.

 If you are under, you can use the money for snacks, if not I suggest you take any route you can to avoid spending it all on places that make you want to spend 10, 20 and up to 30 dollars in one night. Thus, if you don't spend your money on junk like that you will be able to spend it on things that really matter, like not starving.

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