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Flying Dutchman: Karl Galvan

By Danielle Ruiz, Staff Writer

Does the name Karl Galvan ring a bell? Maybe not, but you might recognize the name "Scooter Kid." A sophomore from Bristol, Connecticut, Karl, is a film major with a lot of interesting qualities besides his two-wheeled mode of transportation.

The Chronicle: What are some of your hobbies?

Karl: Well I play piano in my spare time; I'm classically trained. My piano is named Kurt after my brother. I also like going to live music shows, and I recently joined a jam band.

The Chronicle: Are you playing any shows with your band?

Karl: Well we played the Thriftin' and Jammin' event this past weekend and we have a show coming up. Playing in the jam band has definitely been a learning experience. It's a new style of music I'm getting into.

The Chronicle: So, aside from music, are you into any other activities?

Karl: I really like walking outdoors. Nothing beats walking in the woods, especially back home where you can see all the stars. I really like putting on my headphones and just scooting around campus too.

The Chronicle: Now that you brought it up, why a scooter?

Karl: I really like being on time to places so the scooter is for speed. It's better than a skateboard because I feel safer having a bar in front of me.

The Chronicle: Do you know that you've been nicknamed "Scooter Kid?"

Karl: Yes I do. I get called "Scooter Kid" about three times a day. Especially on hte unispan when I weave through people. They don't fancy it.

The Chronicle: Do you have more than one scooter?

Karl: I have two scooters. One is for standard days and the other is for when I'm feeling saucy. That, or I leave it around for my roommates if they are running late to class.

The Chronicle: So you've named your piano... how about your scooters?

Karl: Not yet, but it's under consideration. Well one is sorta called "Going Green," but it's not official.

The Chronicle: Your attire is very eye-catching. Is there any story behind your bandana, bracelets, or necklace?

Karl: Everything single thing I wear has a story or memory behind it. My most memorable bracelet is from Camp Bisco. It was the best decision of my life. My neck;ace with a big purple bead is also important because my brother gave it to me. He taught me everything. This [necklace] is the third reincarnation. When it breaks he makes a new one with the same bead.


Karl is well aware of his unofficial nickname, but also has a slew of other notable interests. (Sean M. Gates/The Chronicle)

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