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Danceworks Dazzles in Concert

By Sarah Travaglini, Staff Writer

Danceworks' Spring Concert brought the John Cranford Adams Playhouse to life with vivacious energy and spirit on Monday and Tuesday. After months of preparation, the members of Danceworks were more than ready to leave it all on the stage and give the audience a great show.

Danceworks' annual Spring Concert made sure to make a statement. Not only were there fun-filled performances but there were also lyrical pieces that made the audience appreciate the beauty of choreography and the talent of each and every dancer. Danceworks members put so much time and effort into putting on an enjoyable performance and practice for months in advance. This dedication and hard work is portrayed through the final product they performed in the Playhouse.

With music from Michael Jackson to Lady Gaga to Tina Turner, the Danceworks performances showed a versatility and creativity from all of the dancers and choreographers, warranting an insurmountable amount of respect. The thirteen dances, all choreographed by students, varied stylistically. Danceworks gave the audience a little bit of everything – tap, jazz, hip hop, lyrical and contemporary.

A real show stopper was the Michael Jackson tribute entitled "This is It," choreographed by alumnus Bianca Lupo. Dressed head to toe with full Michael Jackson apparel (yes, a glittery glove included), the performers make the audience want to get out of their seat and dance. One of Danceworks' best qualities is being able to get the audience involved, making them enjoy each and every performance.

"A Fine Affair," choreographed by Hofstra University sophomore Amanda Salituro, gave the audience a taste of jazz. A style change from the rest of the dances, the jazz ensemble was a breath of fresh air. Performed with 21 dancers, "A Fine Affair" was able to have a stage full of dancers without looking sloppy or disorganized. 

The fun-filled night was alive with talent, dedication, and passion; all of the hard work that the dancers put in should be greatly appreciated and recognized. The successful completion of Danceworks' Spring Concert 2010 marks an exciting completion of the spring semester for all of the members involved.

Dance Works performs at their annual spring concert at Adams Playhouse Monday and Tuesday evening. (Sean M. Gates/The Chronicle)

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