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By Emily Cummins, Features Editor

The University and Lackmann offer California Pizza Kitchen as one of the many dining options on-campus, but some students may wonder if this CPK is anything like an off-campus CPK.

To start, the prices are very different. Most menu items are significantly more expensive at an off-campus CPK, yet some items seem to be missing.

Off-campus CPKs do not even have the Chicken Club or the Grilled Chicken Paninis. While an off-campus menu features appetizers, soup, desserts and special items called "small cravings." These are smaller portions of food that are more calorie-conscious.

Certain items claim to be the same, but are in fact very different. The Garlic Cream Pasta (either fusilli or fettuccine) off campus includes mushrooms and the option of chicken, shrimp or chicken and shrimp.

Ultimately, off-campus CPKs offer much more variety and arguably tastier options. It boils down to whether or not you want to shell out the extra cash or stick to your bland meal plan.

(Laura Molinari)

(Cody Heintz)

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