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Corrine Gandolfi plays her way into the Hofstra record books

By Alana Pelosi, Sports Editor

Since her rookie season with the Pride in 2007, senior women's lacrosse player Corrine Gandolfi has had talent written all over her.  Her natural ability has already put dents in Hofstra's record book.

Gandolfi, the team's leading scorer didn't pick up a stick until she was in the eighth grade and even then it was not the sport she was most passionate about. "I'm actually the only one who plays [lacrosse] in my entire family.  Basketball is really big and me and brothers all played," Gandolfi said.

An all-state selection and Miss Suffolk Player of the Year in basketball, she was equally successful in both lacrosse and basketball throughout high school but saw more potential in her lacrosse career.  From her first official visit, she connected with the Hofstra team.

She started 11 of 16 games her rookie season and her level of play has consistently evolved since.  Head Coach Abby Morgan admits that at first, her top scorer was not a good defender, but that she worked hard to get where she is today and that is something Gandolfi credits three teammates for. "Kim Hillier, Becky Thorn and Casey McGrath molded me into the player I am and they all took me under their wing, coming in making the transition from high school to college," said Gandolfi.

Whatever molding they did worked, as she was named a CAA All-Rookie selection her freshman year. The following two seasons she picked up first-team All-CAA honors as well. 

Her on-field gusto has put her in the top-ten for career goals with the Pride and she partially credits that to the high standards she holds herself to. The senior captain's leadership on the field is something her coaches will rely on to push the team this season.  "I think she's obviously a leader by example and has been, but this year as a captain she's much more vocal and very straightforward in how she speaks to the team and holds them to a higher standard," said Morgan.

As a player who was integral to the CAA title the Pride won her freshman year, it would be nice for Gandolfi to leave Hofstra in the same fashion.  She and her team cannot fall into last years trap of losing steam midway through CAA play.  "Coming into CAA [play] and being our strongest is a goal for our team and a goal for myself," said Gandolfi.

To cap off her lacrosse career, Gandolfi plans on trying out for the US national team and one day coaching middle school or high school lacrosse.  While she has a few options and interviews on the horizon, she always has her dreams of basketball "I'm thinking about going back to school for a fifth year to play basketball," said Gandolfi. 

While she admits that it wouldn't be at Hofstra or any other D-1 school because she's been out of the sport for a while, she said "basketball [has] always been the sport I wanted to play."

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