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Club Spotlight: Strictly Steppin'

By Ohad Amram, Staff Writer

The team is currently led by Captain and President Diomara Delvelle and Co-Captain and Vice President Katrey Holland, both of whom are juniors.

Although the team is not funded by Hofstra and is a club more so than a team, they manage themselves very professionally, holding two hour practices three times a week as well as everyday practices two weeks prior to tournaments.

The team operates through e-board usage and has both a secretary and treasurer to oversee their agenda and financial status.

For those unfamiliar with the art of "Stepping," the dance began in the mid 1900s as it was practiced by African American fraternities and sororities. "Stepping," or step-dancing, is a form of percussive dance, often competitive, in which the dancer uses their entire body as an instrument.

The Captains of the team proudly announced their first place win last year at St. John's University and their win the year before at Manhattan College.

With such a record one would assume the team has a name, but the team insists on "Strictly Steppin." However, in 2000 when they first began they identified themselves as "The Semanons"-"no names" backwards. Thus they have showcased slight improvement in their title.

 The team's logo is the black and gold superman emblem; as those are the teams' colors.

Anyone interested in watching the team perform, or even joining is always more than welcome, regardless of experience or knowledge of the dance. The team is involved with fundraisers and performs their annual spring semester show every year. The Hofstra University step team encourages new faces to join or at least stop by during a practice and give them a listen, because "Strictly Steppin" brings the noise!


The trophy-winning Strictly Steppin’ brings the heat to every practice as well as all their performances. (Photo by Ohad Amram)

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