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Club Spotlight: Hawaii Club

By Matt Scotto, Features Editor

Want to travel halfway across the world without leaving campus? The Hawaii Club is the perfect way to submerge yourself into all things Hawaii: the culture, music, food, and history. Best of all, you don't even have to be a Hawaii native to join. In fact, only one-third of the club is actually Hawaiian. Although the organization is fairly new to campus, they have a few events lined up that are sure to bring the beautiful islands of Hawaii to Hofstra. In talks are a Luau fundraiser and a Spam musubi sale, which is a popular Hawaiian snack and lunch food made in a Japanese fashion.

"Being someone from Hawaii, I appreciate the islands and want to share the history and culture with New York," Danielle Ruiz, the Hawaii club's Publicity Chair, says. "Hawaii is more than just a tourist location."

The tropical group of islands is known for their strong "Aloha Spirit," which celebrates the patriotism that Hawaiian natives radiate. Club Founder Gareth Teixeira thought there would be a club that represents Hawaiians already on campus. He says, "When I was looking at colleges, I thought there would be something like this anywhere I went." Teixeira was determined to bring Hawaiian culture to the Hofstra community.

The club is ready to give back to Long Island, and also plans on incorporating various environmental community service oppurtunities into their responsibilities as an organization.

Sophomore club member Andrew Gasparini was inspired by Teixeira, his roommate to join. "I was interested in my roommate's culture," he says, "and the idea of learning about it through fun trips and events seemed cool."

The Hawaii Club meets in Davison Hall, room 17 on Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. Join them to ride the cultural waves and experience the legendary traditions, customs, and way of life that Hawaii is known for.


Danielle Ruiz shows off her tropical clothing and accessories while dancing Hawaiian-style. (Nick Losinno/The Chronicle)

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