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Club Sports Round Up: Women's Rugby eliminated

By Jenna Notarfrancesco, Staff Writer

Women's Rugby

The women's rugby team shuffled off the fields last Sunday bogged down with a disheartened sense of defeat after losing to Stony Brook in the last game of their season. A 0-5 record disqualified the team from entering playoffs for the first time in three years. Last year, back-to-back wins earned the team a spot in Division II of the league, but, with the ascent, came greater competition.

The struggles came from losing a large number of seniors and all-star players who were big contributing factors to the victories last year. The team did not gain any game changers during its first recruitment period, but according to coach Paul Bambinelli, this year's freshmen are dedicated and need only develop their skills. Bambinelli ensured that the team will do well next season with a steady stream of recruitment and off season training to improve fitness levels.  

"We need commitment from new girls and getting the girls to join and stay. Not so many stayed and stuck with sport [this season]," said fullback Jessica D'Amico.  

The team is looking for leadership from its younger members in order to rebuild the program. E-board elections will be held on Thursday to refill all positions, including the recruitment chair and the social chair, according to D'Amico. The team will also be designating two new captains.

Men's Rugby

After five losses, the men's rugby team is hopeful to get wins against Seton Hall and Sacred Heart in the last two weeks of the season. Because the division is so competitive, a team like Hofstra rugby, which was projected to run the table this year based on last season's successes, can be completely shut out.  

"Most problems are due to the amount of new players. It takes time to build up knowledge of the game and confidence in their skills. We just need to keep practicing hard and keep our minds focused on the games ahead of us," said the team's coach, Hannibal Gambino.  

The team is scheduled to take on Seton Hall at 1 p.m. on the Intramural Fields on Sunday, Oct. 24.   

Women's Ultimate Frisbee

The women's ultimate team exceeded expectations at its first tournament last weekend at The College of New Jersey. The team went 2-2 both days, and placed sixth out of the 14 teams, beating Rowan, Gettysburg, Princeton and Mary Washington.

"It proved to the freshmen that they could do it. I'm very impressed the freshmen held teams from gaining points," said co-captain Tori Jackson.

Women's Club Lacrosse

With a 2-1 record, the women's club lacrosse team is ready to take the fields by storm Sunday, Oct. 24 at its game against Stonybrook. The team is confident it will be able to get another win after pulling out a pair of one-goal victories against Fordham and Temple.  

"We all work together collectively as a group and all count on each other to put in the effort to get the ground ball or make the shot," said Molly Clingenpeel, president of women's club lacrosse.

Club lacrosse's game against Stony Brook starts at 3 p.m. and will be held on the fitness center east field, right next to the recreation center.

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