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Chronicle 75th Anniversary Spotlight

By Emily Cummins, Features Editor

In honor of the university's 75th Anniversary, we at The Chronicle are featuring weekly segments that will focus on the school's interesting history. In addition to personal rofiles of students, clubs and faculty, the Features section will include in-depth articles that explore unknown facets of the university including "Hofstra Myth's Debunked" and "Hofstra Through the Ages."

"Hofstra Myths Debunked" is a segment dedicated to researching those strange rumors that buzz around campus. We will be investigating whether or not Kate Hofstra, who's estate became the grounds for the university, has it in her will that the property would be a sanctuary for stray cats, and if a student really attempted to commit suicide by jumping from one of the towers twice.

"Hofstra Through the Ages" will include a series of articles discussing events that occurred 75 years ago that were featured in The Chronicle when it was known as The Nassau College Weekly and sold for five cents. We will also be utilizing the University Archives to showcase pictures of the campus in its early years.


Kate Hofstra’s cat(one of many pets she kept at her estate) photographed in a hollowed tree trunk in 1920. (Photo source Hofstra University Archives)

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