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Celebrating Hofstra-centric Halloween and Mo-vember

By Max Sass, Sports Editor

I was Tim Welsh for Halloween. It was too easy. I put on a Hofstra basketball shirt with a pair of khakis. I combed my hair over and gelled it like Welsh does and added a bit of makeup to  make my eyes look baggy like he does in his mugshot. I then added a pair of handcuffs and made myself prisoner number $3,000,000/5. If you can't poke fun at your own school who can? I of course don't support what Welsh did, but with the new energy and hope  and optimism Mo Cassara is bringing to the program, you can at least laugh about it on Halloween.

Our Managing Editor here at The Chronicle, Sean M. Gates, did the same thing. He was as upset as anyone about the football team being cut, but he went as the team for Halloween. He wrote Hofstra on a blue football jersey then added a fake knife in the back and spattered fake blood, suggesting that Hofstra football was stabbed in the back.

Hofstra athletics is a goldmine for potential funny costumes, but besides mine and Sean's I did not see any that were awesome. Granted, I could not see every costume everyone wore, so if you had a great Hofstra related costume, send us a description and a picture at

What was I hoping to see? Well after Welsh left, 36 year – old Mo Cassara was promoted to head coach. That could have been a great costume. Find the youngest looking guy in your group, dress him up in slacks and a Hofstra polo and give him a whistle. Then have him be super-enthusiastic and tweet all the time about the current rap music he is listening to.

We have Welsh and his successor, how about his predecessor? Take a ton of hair gel, gel it back, have a great time at Hofstra parties before leaving for a Fordham party later that night and you are Tom Pecora.

Speaking of leaving, how was nobody Halil Kanacevic? All you had to do was wear an old Speedy Claxton jersey (remember both he and Kanacevic wore no. 10) then leave the party a quarter of the way through.

Best of all, someone should have been Charles Jenkins. That one is simple, just buy his no. 22 jersey at the  bookstore and add as much swagger as possible.

Use that same jersey the next night too if you want to be Nicole Capurso of the women's basketball team (she wears no. 22 as well). All you need to do add is a blonde wig and a slight Staten Island accent.

Hofstra lacrosse costumes could have been great. Put on a pair of sandals, mid-calf socks and a Hofstra lacrosse jersey and grow out your flow. There you go. Coach Tierney might sign you up.

Want something old school? How about Doug Shannahan, who played lacrosse for Hofstra in the early 2000's? Take the above costume and carry around a trophy. Tell people it's the Tewaarton Trophy (and spend the rest of your night explaining what the heck that is).

On a serious note, the few people who recognize me from the absurd picture of me in this column may notice that I have started to grow out a moustache (ablbeit a truly pathetic one).

Yes, it is a weak, wispy moustache that looks stupid. But it's for a good cause.

I am supporting Mo-vember. I first learned about this cause from Mark Titus, blogger extroidanaire, at While breast cancer gets a ton of recognition because everyone loves breasts, prostate cancer is the no. 1 cancer affecting men. Growing out your moustache is a way to support the cause without donating any money. If you want to donate or want more information visit Otherwise men, start growing out those moustaches.

Sports Editor Max Sass (left) as Tim Welsh and Managing Editor Sean Gates (right) as Hofstra Football on Halloween. (Photo courtesy of Veronica de Souza)

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