All in Student Government

The Chronicle was given an email from the Jimmy Wells/Luke Miedreich campaign for Student Government President by an SGA senator who wishes to remain annonymous. The Chronicle felt that this email needed to be fact checked and to verify the accusations in it. Our response will be published Thursday. It brings up serious accusations of our staff and our editorial process and ones that we do not take lightly. Thank you, The Chronicle Staff.

The Student Government Association had two meetings on Tuesday night, as they needed to pass legislation in time for Thursday night's declaration meeting. Chairman Luke Miedreich and Comptroller Brian Marquis submitted a proposal which would eliminate the need for SGA presidency and vice-presidency candidates to get signatures from University students. Miedreich said that he believed this change would be beneficial because candidates would campaign face-to-face with students because they want to, not because they need to get signatures. In the past, students running needed to get at least 10% of the undergraduate population's signature in order to be a candidate.