All in Dining defines the term "Hofstra squirt" as "When you eat Hofstra food for more than two days in a row. And at unexpected times you try to fart and it feels wet. You feel like you may have shat yourself but maybe not...Upon further inspection you realize that you squirted a little bit out of your asshole. But not enough to leave the cheeks it doesn't get on your boxers but it still sucks. Hofstra red is not real. The Hofstra Squirt is...for sure". 

The stereotype about being in college is that all meals need to be either eaten in an on-campus facility or out of a Styrofoam cup with yellow tinted noodles and freeze dried vegetables.  At first, I can't say I disagreed with this stereotype, but over time I developed a sense of love for the kitchen, and since then have taken pride in being able to make myself a delicious dinner with not a lot of hassle. 


There's nothing more unappetizing than walking into an eating establishment that looks like a hallway, rather than a dining room.  The word unappetizing pretty much sums up the majority of my eating experience at Calagero's in Garden City, with a few dim exceptions.  Calagero's presents itself as a fine Italian dining experience, with fairly overpriced dishes and a very plain interior, which is most likely because they want you to pay less attention to the walls and more attention to their delicious cuisine.  Adding a few paintings and ambiance to Calagero's couldn't hurt if that is their intention, because the food they are serving is not much to pay attention to.

Restaurants in Garden City are surrounded by constant competition. The diversity of food in the area has grown over the past several years, and a majority of these places belong in the "great" category or the "not-so-great" category.  Jin East, on Franklin Avenue right in the center of Garden City, unfortunately falls into neither of these categories.  But I don't necessarily find that to be a bad thing.  I wouldn't call Jin East not-so-great, but I wouldn't call it great either.  I found Jin East to be outstandingly average, but it was the outstanding part that would keep me going back.