All in Baseball

The 2010 MLB season is brand new and already the Mets and Yankees are showing similar trends to their 2009 seasons.  The Mets are 2-5 after getting blowing out by the Rockies in Colorado Tuesday night. The Yankees are 5-2 after surviving a five run ninth inning and beating the L.A. Angles of Anaheim 7-5 Tuesday and it seems the clubs are heading in opposite directions.

Nothing beats Major League Baseball's Opening Day.  All thirty teams are even.  Everyone is 0-0.  It is a fresh slate; everyone is in first place and ready to fight to stay there.  The New York Yankees and New York Mets began their season Sunday night and Monday afternoon, respectively.  There were two different results, but both teams launched their 2010 campaign knowing it is a long journey to October.

The signing of Nick Johnson was disaster of a move by the Yankees for four reasons. Nick Johnson adds no versatility to the Yankees defense or power or speed to the offense.  Johnson can only play first base or designated hitter; he is injury prone as shown by him missing all of the 2007 season. What makes his signing even worse is that for one million dollars more the Yankees could have resigned the hero of the 2009 World Series: Hideki Matsui.