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Artist Spotlight: VV Brown

By Matt Scotto, Supervising Editor

Ever since my Study Abroad trip to London in January, I've been hooked on many UK artists. It feels good to take a break from all this American music! We put British act Daisy Dares You in the spotlight back in February, and now it's V.V. Brown's turn.

Born in Northampton, England, the 25-year-old singer/songwriter burst onto the UK music scene with her first single "Crying Blood," and her debut album "Travelling Like the Light" to follow in July 2009.

Now, the album has finally made it overseas to America, and was released on Tuesday to great reviews. Barry Walters from Spin magazine says, "Her enthusiasm immediately leaps from the grooves, but this debut also reveals an emotional and musical range her neo-retro peers lack." Brown has injected a unique 50's flavor into most of the album, and even her personal style. She tells UK magazine The Mirror, "I used to read my mum's Vogue when I was little and I was fascinated."

Her first U.S. single, "Shark in the Water," was released in early February and climbed up the Billboard charts, reaching #11 on the Hot 100 list.
She may have not seen much commercial success yet, but her indie following shows that she has the potential to become a retro-pop sensation.

VV Brown performing at the Bristol 02 Academy, Feb 2008 (Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons)

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