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Artist Spotlight: Daisy Dares You

By Matt Scotto, Supervising Editor

The United Kingdom has churned out some decent musical talent in recent years. Leona Lewis, Lily Allen and Natasha Bedingfield are just some of the many artists that have been successful in crossing over to the United States. Another act that has potential to follow suit is Daisy Dares You.

Just a 16-year old girl from Dagenham, UK, Daisy Coburn has been creating some major buzz over in Great Britain. Her stage name, Daisy Dares You, pays homage to a ‘90s British television show named "ZZZap!" The music video for her debut single, "Number One Enemy," has generated almost 500,000 hits on YouTube within the first month of being released. The video also became 4Music(UK Music TV channel)'s VIP Track for the second week in January. "Number One Enemy" is set to be available for download on February 28, 2010.

Media outlets such as The Times, BBC and The Guardian named Daisy a young artist to look out for in 2010. Coburn released a buzz video last summer for her self-titled song, which sparked interest with UK listeners. The Jive/RCA Records artist's second single, titled "Rosie," is planned for a May 17 release.

Check out the video for Daisy Dares You - "Number One Enemy" below!

(Video Courtesy of YouTube)

Daisy Coburn (Photo courtesy of

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