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Anticipation for Music Fest grows

By Toni-Lee Hannel, Staff Writer

Saturday, May 1, the University will be putting on the annual Music Fest for its fifth year. This year's Music Fest is expected to be better than ever!

"My freshman and sophomore years, it featured mostly local bands" says senior Dave Winchell, the advertising manager for Hofstra Concerts. They have been "gradually growing" Winchell says, which is why his junior year experience was his favorite. "Last year we decided to go for more recognized names."

So far, this year's bands include Find Vienna, Kevin Devine and Streetlight Manifesto, with more bands still to have been chosen. Hofstra Concerts allows students to vote via online polls to choose which artists are their favorites. Then, Hofstra Concerts looks at their budget and chooses the highest rated artist picked by the students that they can afford.  "Sometimes we can't afford the highest rated band or that band has other plans that day so we use the polls results to find similar artists that we feel will make the students happy" explains Winchell. This year, Streetlight Manifesto seems to have everyone excited. Junior Shannon Haley thinks "It's awesome!  Very exciting, I love Streetlight Manifesto!"

"I played a gig with Streetlight Manifesto when I was in high school" says Winchell. "Having them headline Music Fest my senior year of college is sort of a full circle event for me". Music Fest is well known around the campus and there is no reason not to believe that this can be credited towards advertisement. "We hope to make Music Fest a brand" says Dave.  "Something that students on and off campus instantly recognize and find interest in." This is where the advertising comes into play. The more people that know about the event, the more people will come. "I'm the advertising manager, so basically I oversee promotion" Winchell explains.

Although any campus club can help with the production of Music Fest, the Concerts club expresses that "not as many as we'd like do." However, one other club that contributes greatly to Music Fest is Entertainment Unlimited, ran by Nicholas Faranda. Entertainment Unlimited is in charge of getting the inflatable games and food.

"Last year was our best festival" says Faranda. "It showed progression from the first one in 2006." Faranda has been in charge of Entertainment Unlimited since 2007. Much like the other clubs involved, the day of Music Fest is most exciting because "everything is in action.  Students are coming out, and the sun is shining". The clubs hope to see many students at this free event this year out on the intramural fields to experience the work put in and enjoy a good time. "It shows all of the hard work we have done over the year" says Faranda. 

Students, come take your last break before finals!  You've worked hard; now see how these clubs have worked for you!

Hofstra's Music Fest will be taking place on May 1st (Photo Courtesy of Hofstra Concerts)

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