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University students react to recent local elections

By Emily Cummins, Assistant News Editor

The day following the local elections, students were asked their opinions on results that had an impact on them.

In Virginia Republican candidate Robert McDonnell was elected governor over the incumbent R. Creigh Deeds with 59 percent of the vote. Junior Matt Colby of Virginia said in response to the results, "Well I think it was bound to happen. It tends to shift back and forth between the democrats and republicans, but honestly there is probably not going to be much of a change in how the state is actually run." Colby voted absentee for the Democrat candidate.

In New Jersey, Republican candidate Chris Christie was elected governor over the incumbent Jon Corzine with 49 percent of the vote and most of the precincts reporting. Senior Dashmir Keca of New Jersey said in reaction to the results, "It was interesting that Chris Christie won because it was democratic for the last 12 years, and this is showing signs that maybe Obama is not having the effect on people that he should." Keca did not vote, however, he would have voted for Corzine. "Corzine really didn't do a good job, but vote democrat," he said.

Marc Butcavage, a sophomore from New Jersey who did also did not vote explained is abstention by saying, "New Jersey ended up with two very corrupt candidates, and essentially it came down to people trying to pick the lesser of two evils. New Jersey was fed up with Corzine, so they just wanted a change regardless of how bad the opposition was. If you're not a corrupt governor of New Jersey then you are not a governor of New Jersey." While freshman Rachel Lutz, who did not vote, said, "I would have probably voted for Corzine because I was raised democrat because both of my parents are."

In New York, Republican incumbent Michael Bloomberg was re-elected mayor over Democrat William C. Thompson Jr. 51 percent to 46 percent with 99 precincts reporting. Junior Nelson Jiminez of the Bronx said, "Bloomberg is an idiot," although he did not vote. Freshman Whitney Osborne of the Bronx agreed and said, "I don't think he should have won. His term was up. He's not going to do anything to help the economy." She did not vote absentee.

In response to the many Republican victories, Senior Sean Nabi the President of the College Republicans said, "It's a momentous event to see the elections in Jersey and Virginia go handedly for the Republican party as well as the gay marriage vote in Maine… it's a sign that the Republican party is back and surging. Last year, democrats were saying our party was dead in the water, but this is a clear sign that conservatism is here to stay, and our country is a center right country."

Newly re-elected NYC Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg. (David Gordon/The Chronicle)

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