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Public Safety Briefs 11-5-09

By Jessica Lewis

-On October 28, a Hofstra staff member reported that sometime between October 22 and October 27, 20 textbooks, valued at $200 each, were stolen from Berliner Hall. An investigation is being conducted.

-On October 28, a student received a summons after she verbally harassed a Lackmann staff member working at California Pizza Kitchen over a long order time.

-While on patrol on October 29, a public safety officer saw graffiti on the south side of the Student Center Unispan. After an investigation was conducted, no one was issued a summons.

-On October 28, a TD Bank employee called public safety because a student was yelling at about a deposit he made two months ago. After trying to calm the student down, he continued to yell at bank personnel and customers and seemed to remain upset and abusive. He was issued a summons.

-A student reported to public safety that someone had drawn images on the hood of her vehicle with a black magic marker parked in the Breslin Hall parking lot. An investigation is being conducted.

-On October 30, a member of the janitorial staff reported to a Hofstra Law staff member that there were feces on the walls in the women's bathroom. He also reported that on the second floor men's bathroom the urinals were clogged with paper towels. An investigation was conducted, and no summonses were given out.

-On November 1, a female student said that she went to her boyfriend's room in Estabrook Hall and had consensual sex with him. They then got into an argument and he threw out in the hallway naked. The female student was banging on his door trying to get her clothes back. He eventually let her back in and let her get her clothes. The male student was issued a summons.

(Photo Courtesy of Hofstra University)

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