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Public Safety Briefs 10-29-09

By Jessica Lewis

-On October 24, a Resident Assistant in Rotterdam smelled marijuana coming from a room. When the Resident Assistant entered the room, a jar of marijuana was found, the resident of the room was given a summons.

-On October 24, Public Safety responded to a fight in Estabrook Hall and went to a room where two male students said that a female student started a fight with them. She bit one of the males on the chest and the second male on the arm. When Public Safety got to the room, the female student ran to the lobby using the stairs. Public Safety caught up with her in the lobby and the Nassau County Police Department also arrived at the scene. When they tried talking to her, she was acting irrational. She kicked a Public Safety office in the chest and the ribs and a Nassau County police officer in the groin. She was then subdued and taken to Nassau University Medical Center. She was arrested and charged with assault.

-On October 25, a Resident Assistant called Public Safety after witnessing three males damaging a total of nine vehicles parked in the Colonial Square roadway. The Nassau County Police Department was called to investigate. One of the males is a non-student and was taken to the Information Center and was banned from campus. The two students were arrested.

-Two students received summonses for verbally harassing an RSR in Vanderpoel after she asked the student's for their ID cards on October 25.

-Public Safety responded to a dispute between two girls in Bill Of Rights. No one was injured but both girls were issued a summons for their action.

-Macie Dutkiewz, a non-student, was banned from campus for harassing students in Axinn Library.

-On October 28, Public Safety reported that a Chevrolet went through the main gate of campus without swiping. The owner of the Chevrolet, Michael Hasset, is banned from campus.

(Photo Courtesy of Hofstra University )

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