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New 'Saw' still scares fans sixth time around

By Dara Adeeyo, Editorial Editor

"Learn the value of life." This is the underlined meaning behind the Saw movie series, entering its 6th chapter with Saw VI, which was released to theaters on Friday, As a proudly proclaimed Saw follower, I was deeply impressed by Saw VI. After watching one through five and buying them on DVD, I wondered where else could Lionsgate go with Saw VI that I had not already seen.

Saw V left us on a cliffhanger, wondering what would happen to detective Hoffman who turned into Jigsaw's bloodthirsty apprentice. What exactly happened to him is something you'll have to find out for yourself. One word: karma.

Like all Saw movies, the opening consists of a gory scene with new players trying to escape or win the game that they were unwillingly placed in because of their life choices. My ear-piercing scream had me questioning why I came to see the movie, but then I remembered: I'm a Saw-ette.

The difference between Saw VI and the rest of the movies in the series is that this one has a thick plot. The twist and turns and how all the characters are connected to each other were delightfully mind-boggling like the puzzles Jigsaw places on his players. These puzzles reached a whole new level of physical and mental torture. From a contraption that shoots six bullets at six people, then leaves the player the choice to only save two victims, to a reporter who has some connection to the key player, Saw VI has it all for the inquisitive movie goer.

Needless to say, questions from the previous Saw are answered and new questions are created in the end of the movie. Without a doubt, Saw has become a Halloween staple since 2004, and it will continue with Saw VII next year.

Another one of Jigsaw’s victims in “Saw VI” panics as he is tortured. (Photo Courtesy of

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