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New Adam Lambert single hopes that sex sells

By Esme Mazzeo, Staff Writer

Adam Lambert debuted the lead single from his first major-label album, "For Your Entertainment." As remarkable and unique as his voice is, he seems to be relying far too heavily on his sexuality post- American Idol. If it shocked you before, now it's at least old news, if you're not banging your head against the wall with every picture that you see of Lambert "shocking" us all by making out with a naked woman.

The lyrics are quite lame, however catchy they might be. "Can you handle what I'm ‘bout to do/Cause it's about to get rough for you/I'm here for your entertainment." These lyrics are not exactly his responsibility, as he did not write the song, but it might officially push him over the line he was so delicately wobbling between feeding us his persona and shoving it down our throats. Sure, the song is unique in that we've never exactly welcomed this style from a male vocalist on U.S. radio before, but it isn't going to revolutionize radio, either.  Lady Gaga and even Britney could easily turn the track into a hit, as it relies heavily on synthesized vocals, a prominent dance beat and an infectious hook. Dr. Luke and Claude Kelly deserve props for that, but Lambert is capable of better.

Having made the finals of one of the most respected talent competitions in the world, a voice as unique as his should at least be instantly recognizable at the beginning of the track, but his is not. Lambert does have the potential to amaze audiences, and though "For Your Entertainment" deserves to impact radio and might even be a hit, Lambert disappoints by not relying on the raw talent that made him a star before even putting out original material. Sure, sex sells, but it doesn't exactly earn people respect. Once upon a time, Lambert proved he deserved it. Hopefully, he's holding out on us.

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