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Matt Scotto's Top 7 Halloween Horrors

By Matt Scotto, Supervising Editor

7) "Paranormal Activity"
In this low-budget supernatural rollercoaster, a couple that hear bumps in the night decide to purchase a camera and record the demonic festivities while they are asleep. You might want to consider having a sleepover with some friends after this doozy.

6) "A Nightmare on Elm Street"
This movie scared the bejesus out of me as a child. It follows the story of the residents of a quaint town who are being haunted by a pedophile that was burned to death by the town's parents. He has claws and swallows a young Johnny Depp… through his bed. Enough said. Check out the Nightmare on Elm Street remake, coming to theaters in 2010.

5) "The Shining"
In this adaptation of the gripping Stephen King novel, Jack Nicholson stars as a hotel caretaker who comes in contact with the ghost of a former hotel custodian (who killed his wife and two daughters). To put it lightly, s*** goes down.

4) "The Ring"
Naomi Watts stars in this remake of a Japanese horror film about the deadly investigation of a killer videotape with a dark and dangerous past. "You're gonna die in seven days…" Eek!

3) "The Sixth Sense"
A young and creepy Haley Joel Osment made the phrase "I see dead people" famous in this 1999 thriller about, you guessed it, a child who can see dead people. He pursues the help of Bruce Willis, who plays a child psychologist. The ending will have you say the biggest "OMG" you can muster.

2) "Halloween"
Jamie Lee Curtis plays a schoolgirl stalked by a maniacal killer who escapes a mental institution in what is considered the most memorable horror movie ever made. You'll never want to babysit again.

1) "The Strangers"
This nerve-racking ride of a movie starring Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman deserves its spot at number one. The story follows a young, distraught couple stalked, terrorized and tortured by three masked killers. The tension in this movie can be cut with a plastic spork.

Three maniacal killers wreak havoc on an innocent couple in their home in the film, “The Strangers.” (Photo Courtesy of

Jack Nicholson stars as the haunting Jack Torrence in “The Shining” (Photo Courtesy of

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