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Letter to the Editor

By Eric Feuer, Law student

I don't mean to antagonize or berate but intend to constructively criticize, and I hope this letter is taken that way. I do not personally know any of you editors, but I do know how stressful the work can be to publish a student newspaper.

While an undergrad, I wrote for Binghamton University's campus newspaper Pipe Dream. They were a biweekly newspaper. Twice a week, no one at that paper slept. Everyone usually stayed up until around five in the morning to edit, copy and work on layout. Most usually sacrificed going out and having a good time so they could put together a paper they were proud of, and a paper the student body enjoyed reading. We were still far from flawless, but the significant amount of mistakes in The Chronicle (from layout to grammar) gives the perception that those who write for it just don't care. I know that cannot be true. I hope you all understand that you are the students' voice and letting substantial mistakes get through on such a regular basis discredits that voice and your paper.

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