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Fountain of Youth

By Alana Pelosi, Sports Editor

Field hockey is not the most popular sport around the campus or in the country in general, but it's about time they get their due credit. After winning their last six and breezing through conference play, Hofstra looks like it if they make it, they can be a force in post-season play.
At the start of the season a lot lingered in the air for the relatively young team.

While Ashleigh Daniels and Kristin Thompson have had strong careers at Hofstra, they are the only two seniors and the upper class strength seemed to be lacking. The team lost a number of great players to graduation, especially Brit Blankmeyer and Charlia Warner, and whether or not the young team could develop fast enough seemed questionable.

The Pride hovered around .500 for quite sometime before dropping three (two of the loses being to the nationally ranked teams, Yale and James Madison) and falling to 4-7.

Whether Coach Kathy De Angelis gave the team a major kick in the a** or they decided to wake and eat their Wheaties, since their loss to James Madison nearly four weeks ago the team has rolled through the CAA.

I don't care what sport it is, six wins in a row is impressive. The fact that no one campus knows about it is a little sad, but if the team can carry the momentum through their last two games and clinch their tournament berth.

Right now they have a half-game lead on Old Dominion, and if they can hold off the Monarchs they may hold onto the fourth seed. If they make the tournament how they will hold up is a whole different story, but it would be good thing for the team. They may not be get the coverage deserve on campus, but in the field hockey world they can definitely hold their heads higher.

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