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While I was in diapers and the other Bush was sending bombs over the barren, oil-scarred Iraq of 1991, Alice in Chains was rocketing to the top of the billboard charts. Now, after the death of lead singer Layne Staley in 2002, Alice In Chains, one of the big four Seattle bands, released a new album on September 29th. The band currently consists of guitarist/singer Jerry Cantrell, new singer William Duvall, bassist Mike Inez and drummer Sean Kinney.

It took Apple Records and EMI 22 years to get it right. While other artists' albums got issued and re-issued on CD numerous times, The Beatles' catalogue sat untouched, only remixed when a soundtrack ("Yellow Submarine") or compilation ("The Beatles 1") required it. Now, all these years later, all 13 albums, plus the "Past Masters" rarities compilation, have been remastered to a standard that all future remasters should adhere to.

While I appreciate Mr. Berry confessing to his crimes, I feel that his allegation that the situation has been 'blown out of proportion' is ridiculous. Mr. Berry needs to realize that a great many people care that a former vice president of the SGA vandalized personal property, and it is a story worthy of any attention the Chronicle or anyone else may give it.

"As I was floating down unconcerned rivers/I no longer felt myself steered by the haulers," says Arthur Rimbaud at the start of "The Drunken Boat," a poem about being lost at sea. These two lines serve as the epigraph for "The Limits of Control," a spiritual odyssey from Jim Jarmusch, one of the pioneers of the independent film scene in America back in the 1980s when independent filmmaking meant more than a quirky release from Fox Searchlight.

Bob Dylan has changed himself so many times, whether it's going electric, going Las Vegas, going Born-Again or going stately gentleman like in recent years, that it feels like his changes are just another part of his everyday artistic process. With "Together Through Life," Dylan makes another drastic stylistic change.

Tuesday night, the doors opened on the first Hofstra Wrestling Organization's "Wrestling May Massacre." The HWO is a club dedicated to promoting professional wrestling and they definitely succeeded in their goal at the May Massacre. The event, which featured four live wrestling matches in the multipurpose rooms of the Student Center, drew a lively crowd of over 80 students.

Based out of Westchester, N.Y., Sarah's Redemption is the next little known band to watch. Their EP "The Dreamer's Gene," shows off their ability to write emotional songs that are both relatable and appealing to a wide variety of music fans. Though emo at times, their music encompasses of the genres of punk, alternative and power-pop.

I love Hofstra. As the days dwindle down to graduation, I think of all the things that have happened to this school, from the debate last October to the University's medical school, and I feel more and more grateful for the education I've received and people I've met along the way.

I'm a music major and graduating senior, and tonight was the music department banquet at the Coral House in Baldwin. On the bus travelling to the dinner, people were offering toasts to various people and faculty, and someone got up and said "To Jerry Berry's re-decoration!".

The Lucky Duck doesn't sound Italian, but it is! The Lucky Duck is the picture perfect "old fashioned" restaurant, with no new furniture or carpeting. Rather, it has a style stuck in a past of about 20 years ago. The restaurant is located approximately five miles away from the University, near Adelphi in Garden City, at 9 Nassau Boulevard.

There is more to the music industry than just the artists and band members-there are also the people behind the scene who make things happen. For any students interested in this, MEISA would be the club to join. MEISA (the Music and Entertainment Industry Student Association) is a club for students who are interested in all different aspects of the music industry, from writing about music to publicizing.

The Hofstra Athletics Department celebrated its 2008-09 academic year with its annual Hofstra Pride Student-Athlete Awards Banquet at the University Club, on the campus's north side. Niki Williams, a senior point guard from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, delivered the evening's keynote senior speech to the crowd of coaches, administrators, senior athletes, and board members.