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Life after College

By Jessica Lawlor

It is every college student's nightmare: the real world. Come on, who wouldn't want to stay in college forever? Parents, professors and family friends always ask students: "What are you doing in college? What are you going to do when you get into the real world? It's getting harder and harder to succeed out there you know!"

The book "Dorm Rooms to Board Rooms" by Victoria Pilate serves as a detailed how-to guide to life after college. Pilate begins with the job interview process and discusses all topics ranging from personal grooming to office politics and etiquette.

Pilate graduated from Florida A & M University and received her doctorate in Policy Sciences at the University of Maryland. She had the idea to write the book when she was in graduate school working on a project in which she interviewed people and asked them about their "life trajectories." She was so fascinated with responses she received that she decided to continue writing the book. It took five long years, but the result was certainly worth the effort.

Pilate stresses the importance of professionalism and starting early. She explains that job-hunting should not begin during the last year of college. Rather, it should begin as a sophomore allowing, "time to hone your skills and also build your resume." Moving onto the interviewing process, Pilate discusses personal grooming and eloquence in a professional setting. Later, she explains office politics, how to get promotions, business and travel tips, health advice, style and presentations. She even branches out into topics such as apartment hunting, roommates and how to leave a job.

Now of course, many college student shrug off this kind of advice, insisting that they know best and can do just fine on their own, however, this book proves to be quite a worthy read.

Written in a quick and easy-to-read style, Pilate is quick to grab the reader's attention. With just the right amount of advice and a few interesting personal anecdotes, "Dorm Rooms to Boardrooms" is a triumph. It is not a book on how to find a job per say. It is a book that explains how to succeed in all aspects of life including relationships, housing, personal issues, health and careers.

This book is a perfect read for college students wondering how to organize their life. The transition from college to the job world is not always an easy one, but Pilate leaves the reader feeling like an adult ready to step out into the real world. It's not really so dark and cold now is it?

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