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Wrestling Notebook

By By Tim Robertson

BEST MATCHIf ESPN television crews were at the Arena last Sunday, then this would be considered an "Instant Classic." Seventh ranked Mike Patrovich's second match of the evening against sixth ranked Matt Palmer was one that brought many to the edge of their seats. Patrovich did not take as many risks against Palmer as he did against his Harvard foe, and even when Patrovich made a quick move to Palmer's leg he was called for a potentially dangerous move. In the ensuing two minutes, Patrovich avoided many leg sweep attempts by Palmer to stay in the match. This gave Patrovich a great amount of momentum and really brought the crowd into the match. As Patrovich earned a takedown with 25 seconds left, the crowd went crazy, and with 14 seconds left, Patrovich got the pin and pumped his fists in the air. Then he showed why he is the captain by genuinely shaking Palmer's hand in the center of the mat, then went to the Columbia bench and shook the hand of Columbia's coach, Brendan Buckley. CRIMSON REPORT Harvard seemed to be out wrestled physically and technically by a much stronger Pride team in a few matches, but stayed the favorite. "A couple of those were close. I thought Hofstra wrestled well, but we have to pull out those close ones. I was looking for a little more," Crimson head coach Jay Weiss said. Harvard wrestled a young team, with four freshmen and two sophomores, and if last Sunday was any indication, the next time these two squads meet, it will be closer. Final Grade: C+

LIONS REPORTAlthough the Lions came away with a pin and a decision, the Pride was simply too much. Those two wins were against two of the Pride's freshman and non-regulars. The Patrovich/Palmer match at 174 pounds was as exciting and as close as a fan can watch, but Patrovich still earned the pin. Columbia did not send a wrestler to the mat for the heavyweight match for an unknown reason. Final Grade: D+.

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