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There's no waiting around for one of them to have a multi-platinum CD, and then coming back to put the rest of the members on-the Specialists are taking a chance in the game by putting off solo projects and coming out even stronger as a group. There have been many rap groups of the past (Wu Tang, Onyx, The Lox), so what the Specialists are doing is nothing new, but recently it's hard to find a four man rap group that can come within 10 feet of the variety of skills possessed by Quiz, Brycks, Scandal and 3rd Degree.

Snake just can't catch a break. The protagonist of the critically acclaimed Metal Gear series has had to fight legions of footsoldiers, a cyborg ninja and more walking nuclear battle tanks than you can shake a Stinger missile at. This installment, set in the 1960s and subtitled Snake Eater, returns the game to the jungle, where the series got its kick-start back on Nintendo's NES.

Weeks after the recall on Vioxx, a prescription anti-inflammatory, University athletes, coaches and trainers question the motives of pharmaceutical companies. "We put blind faith into these companies," said John Danowski, men's head lacrosse coach, said. "Our young athletes do not ask enough questions as to what enters their bodies.

The University started a partnership with the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Long Island to help mentor young children. With a healthy mix of schoolwork and recreation, these underprivileged children are enjoying an environment of acceptance and understanding.