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Letters to the Editor: In the Know

To the Editor:

As an alumnus of the University who is still a part of the community, I am disturbed by how unprofessional student operated organizations have become. First, it is sad that so many student organizations have been deactivated because those in charge simply failed to meet their filing deadline ("Clubs on Probation" article, Nov. 4, 2004). Such mistakes not only show sloppy student leadership, but they also take away from the University as a whole because it denies students some valuable and enriching experiences.

What I found even more troubling is that an organization can be blatantly unaware of its own deactivated status. In a letter to the editor published in Nov. 11, 2004 issue, the leader of a club angrily criticized The Chronicle for being incorrect in including the club as one of the deactivated organizations. Having colleagues on campus who are in the know on this issue, I know that the writer of the letter was misinformed and that the article was correct. However, The Chronicle's choice to run the letter implies to readers that the letter was accurate. This is not the truth, and it should not be interpreted as such. The Chronicle, one of the most influential student organizations, must address this. Otherwise, it will leave the public misinformed on the issue, and that is unacceptable for a newspaper.


Marek Gorzelski '03

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